Marnorte started in 1989, and has been excelling since in the market of decorative stone industry by the groundbreaking vision of its modus operandi, through innovative and distinguished propositions, as well as the provided customer service and follow-up.

The brand stands out in the national panorama of marble, limestone, granite and similar, presenting a distinct catalog, based on a stimulating aesthetic concept that conquers prescribers (architects, designers, decorators) and building companies.

The constant evolution, the acquisition of solid and direct partnerships with extraction all over the world and works of reference, confirm their industry know-how and boldness, turning Marnorte into a renowned brand, recognized nationally by major exporting countries.

The first decade of the XXI century presented the export and internationalization challenge, along with a new management concept implementation.

Nowadays, Marnorte is positioned as a leading brand in international markets. It is the ambassador of Iberian decorative and innovative stones, promoting new colors and textures of first-hand European ornamental stones, in markets like Latin America and Africa.


Being a reference in the Portuguese sector of decorative rocks and promoting Iberian stones all over the world.


Provide an innovative quality service, guided by principles of social and environmental responsibility, as well as ethics, based on customer satisfaction.
Ensure the qualification of its human resources, strongly committed to the promotion of Iberian and European decorative stones, responding to customer requirements and to the evolution of the different markets in order to sustain return of investments.


  • Ethics
  • Confidence
  • Sustainability
  • Knowledge
  • Quality
  • Client
"The signature of the New Stone Solutions brand reflects the new communication policy, based on quality service and improving skills, increasing proximity towards the customer."


The team of Marnorte is strongly committed to determine the appropriate solution for customer satisfaction.

  • A young team motivated to do things differently and better.
  • More than 75% of its employees hold academic qualifications.
  • Investing in professional training for a sustainable development of employees.
  • Young professionals who benefit from the know-how of experienced employees in the traditional expertise of specialties.